“What sort of world are we creating when our society consistently reinforces the idea that we cannot and should not trust our our government, our civil servants or even our neighbors?”
— A frustrated citizen, husband and father.

Awe yeah. Kojak in LIC!

So I am part of a group show at Dossier Outpost Gallery at South Street Seaport here in NYC. If you are in the area come check it out. Opening tonight.



A group projection show with work sourced from a call for submissions. 

Selected Artists: 

TJ Elias, Lauren Wansker, Alex Nelson, Michelle Wallace, Mitchell Borden, Christina Villamor, Tammy Mercure, Mitch Patrick, Alex Broadwell, Lana Z. Caplan, Anna Clem, Jason Rusnock, Colin Todd, Carolina Marquez, Varvara Mikuskina, Nat Ward, Katherine Walton, Theo Slavin, Aaron Hegret, Kaitlin Egan, Gifriends(Alex Thebez & Marisa Gertz), Hope Hilton, Marcy Ayres, Dina Lun, Peter Gibson, Amanda Jas, Jessica Pettway, Jamie Hladky, Thomas Bouquin, Noe Montes, Kyle Seis, Michael Lewis, Amanda Retotar, Jordan Swartz, Paolo Morales, Marc Gilman, Nathan Pearce, Carlos Lowenstein, Al Palmer, Evan Deuitch, Karin Lindholm, Benjamin Davis, Jake Silby and Sam Cannon.  

Fresh Meat/Cold Cuts/Son Lux ~ Brooklyn 2014

Found on the street.

At home - LIC 2014

Like you see it… LIC 2014

Washington D.C. - April 2014 - It was only my second time to visit, but the first time I had the opportunity to wander and get a little lost. The weather was so perfect as bordering on the surreal. This is the part of D.C. that is polished, curated and monumental: a giant memorial to an idea. Its overwhelming and rather impersonal. It has a way of making you feel small and insignificant and so far away from this government I was told in school was conceived to give me and the rest of us a voice. But hey, it looks impressive…so thats something I guess. 

Connection - D.C. 2014

Oklahoma Sunset - 2014

Recently returned from a trip to my homeland. More to come…

Nice to see the church is reaching out to CG artists.